Welcome to gTag.dev.

The gTag.dev is an acronym of Google Analytics Tag. You know, Google Analytics is the best free tools to monitor and analyze the website. You can add the website, set the Goal, look the realtime traffic, even more, integration all of campaign strategy in a single place.

That's I am, gTag.dev.

Here is the place to document everything Author learned while going through an internet career, especially on search engine optimization.

Sometimes, provide the script coding here if needed. The script is loveable. Here is so excited with front-end developer.

  • Collect repository on Github
  • Upload and host the Git into Netlify
  • Mostly, save the favourite frond-end collection at Codepen

How about web infrastructure?

The man behind the gun

He is Fathul Mundzir. A single author of gTag.dev.

In the past, he made the content strategies plan and execution at Analogic Analytic, the local digital marketing his friend build since 2017.


With a degree in Psychologist, he has a special touch to make the most complex of search engine marketing fit in human being behaviour. Especially appearing all of that in happiness sessions.

When he’s not ferociously following and covering the search industry, he’s busy writing the comprehensive SEO include trial strategy, create study case, and review the new strategies.

His mind said:

I am so enthusiastic about SEO, International SEO, Mobile SEO, Technical SEO, Local Search, Content Marketing, Blogging, and mostly being a winner in Google Product.

The place of the long journey will show everything, trial-error, study case, guidance, tutorial, all of search engine optimization. Written with comprehensive and in-depth.

Have the question or idea? Don't hesitate to reach out to me here.